As an extension of the legendary service and hassle-free banking experiences we provide for our retail Customers, TD Bank is committed to bringing Small Business Customers more convenience, service and control to help them reach their fullest potential.

In a similar fashion, the look and feel of our Small Business communications bears resemblance to the fluidity, color palette and typography of our retail messaging, while accentuating the serious, professional tone of our Small Business services and emphasizing respect.  While both categories make use of a dramatic, curved shape against a clean white background, the Small Business style emphasizes the brand’s more serious signature dark green, with the brighter green utilized as a fine detail. 

Keeping with the brand’s consistent use of the Frutiger typeface, Small Business designs feature the thinner, more polished Frutiger 57 Condensed for headlines presented in upper and lower case. 

As our Small Business Customers have told us that “respect” is a key driver of their decision to bank with us, Customer photography takes center stage whenever possible, with a clipped image of a small business owner overlapping the Small Business Arc in all possible situations.

small business “respect” campaign

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