TD Bank revamped an abandoned mall space in Auburn, Maine to create a 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Call Center designed to evoke an employee-focused experience that protects the environment and establishes a connection to the local community.

With unique features like a 19,000 lb. granite boulder which was quarried nearby and positioned in the interior’s center under a 40’ x 40’ skylight, the facility’s design was recognized with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications for five key areas:

•  Sustainable site

•  Water use

•  Energy efficiency

•  Materials and resource use

•  Indoor environmental quality

green wall for auburn call center

Among other signage and displays, the Architecture team looked to Creative Services to create a 21’ x 11’ wall display that told the story of both the environmental and community elements of the center’s design.  Eleven large, box-mounted images depicting scenes from Maine, environmental motifs and textural aspects of the building’s green facets bring the wall to life with color and interest.

Semi-frosted plexiglass squares affixed with one-inch chrome stand-offs set the stage for eight interesting facts about the center’s environmental features.

The same  green gradient background with translucent curling leaves was used throughout the facility to create various additional environmental and recycling signage, establishing dimension and unity with all these similar messages.

launch pdf of wall artGreenWall_files/AuburnGreenWall_1.pdf

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