What is creativity? I suppose it means something slightly different to everyone.

To me, true creativity in design is developing visually appealing, well organized, engaging solutions to meet a series of communication objectives despite a myriad of obstacles which include, but are not limited to:

•  conflicting direction 

•  multiple brand guideline systems

•  missing key strategic and tactical information

•  incredibly tight time frames

•  an array of political challenges

By this definition, my team and I have elevated our creative and brand management capabilities to an unparalleled World-Class level by working to meet the ever-changing and always demanding needs of America’s Most Convenient Bank, as well as our parent company, TD Bank Group.

Every day presents a new chapter, filled with an abundance of opportunities and challenges that keep us all on our toes, engaged in our work, excited about our contributions and happy to learn and expand our portfolio of experience.


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